Exploring the new cuisines and exotic restaurants are definitely the gems of travelling. Since the day one, I have always been a foodie traveller. Long lasting lunches with champagne and elegant dinners with many courses in some new exotic destination are so my cup of tea. The aim during my travels is always searching the best spots for cocktails, lunches and dinners. In this post I’ll represent to you my favourite foodie destinations, that everyone should explore in 2017.



The new rainbow capital of Mediterranean is all about quirky little restaurants, fun dining hotspots and the best delights of Middle-East. Israeli food is a mixture of Arab kitchen and Mediterranean tastes. Hummus is acting a big role in local kitchen, but that’s not the all. Israeli cuisine is actually much much more than just hummus & sabbath dinners. One thing is sure: Tel Aviv is well famous of it’s edgy restaurant culture. If you are walking down the streets in any evening, the restaurants are always full of happy fellow foodies.

The top 3 restaurants that you should definitely try are:




Arabic food is definitely my thing. And when there is a french twist on it, the fusional taste is something you haven’t explored before. Morocco is the old colonial country of France and the Marrakech is its hotspot. Marrakech is famous of its fabulous restaurant culture. Rooftop bars, traditional moroccan cuscus houses and sympathetic little cafe’s.  The atmosphere itself in the restaurants is exotic combination of Paris life and Arabic nights.

And what are the restaurants you should definitely try?




Ho Chi Minh City aka Saigon is the capital of fresh and green food. The most famous food of Vietnamese kitchen is delicious Pho soup and the sassy little street food restaurants in every corner of Ho Chi Minh City are the best places to try it. You can’t leave from HCMC before you have also taste some marvellous hotspot, Saigon Beer and cheese oysters. The Asian & French combination is straight from the heaven.

Best restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City you must try are?

What’s your favourite food destinations?


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