1. Finnish Sausage

Japan has sushi, Italy has ravioli. We have grilled smoky sausage! No matter if it’s winter or summer, grilled Finnish sausages are always something to die for. I reckon there is something in the consistence?

If you’re looking to achieve the ultimate foodgasm, you should always add on some spicy local mustard. My recommendation is Auran Sinappi. Yeah, I know. Finnish language is mental…How ever, grilled sausages are most often eaten at summer time (That’s maybe the only treat what Finns have on summer…lol!) and also at winter time after sauna. If you are looking to have the full experience, you should enjoy some Finnish beer on side of the meal. For instance “Karhu Beer”. 


2. Salmon

Ah! Fresh Salmon. That’s the superfood for my tastebuds. You can actually feel it on your brains after you have enjoyed some fresh Finnish salmon. It’s healthy, fresh and always so good! Salmon is something you should only eat in Summer time though, and when you see the salmon on menu at summer, you can be sure that it will be always delicious. Best sider with salmon is always mashed potatoes!


3. Moose

Moose meat is almost like a national food for Finns, even though it’s pretty expensive. If you are visiting on Finnish family and you are willing to get the most traditional food ever, they will serve you some smoked moose with potatoes. The taste might be a bit exotic for foreigners at the first stage, but after the first shock – you will reach the food heaven for sure.


4. Reindeer

Reindeer could be the Finnish version of lobster. Posh food that is only served in special occasions and fancy-pantsy restaurants. Why? Because the reindeer meat costs a fortune. Even though there is a millions of reindeers in Finland. Best place to try this luxury treat is definitely the restaurants in Lapland, because the Lapland is home for the millions of reindeers based in Finland.


What’s your favourite Finnish food? 


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